In keeping with its mission and its desire to promote cultural, social, and economic growth through training and the transfer of knowledge, Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste opens its doors and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. 

Guides are researchers, technicians, and administrative staff who take a couple of hours off their regular activities to dedicate themselves to visitors.


  V I S I T S     A R E      F R E E 

Should you want to visit Fondazione ITS A. Volta at Basovizza Campus, see the site:
Only for classes IV and V of scientific or technical schools.


Duration: 1h and 30'
Time of visit: ON MONDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY         9.30am          11.30am          2.00pm           3.30pm


Who can visit the Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste research centre:
Groups can visit the Centre coming from:
  • Schools (universities and schools of all types and levels, beginning with primary schools)
  • Other laboratories
  • Industry
  • Institutions
  • Associations/Clubs
  • Private citizens
  • Others
Number of visitors:
If the number of visitors is large, it will be divided into more groups.


How to book a visit: Please fill the online form at least 10 days before the date of the visit.
You will receive an automatic notification e-mail to confirm the reservation of your visit.
Changes and cancellations: Write to 


Other information: Rules of conduct for visitors
Publicity material:

Responsible of Events and Visits:
Annamaria Accettulli


Caterina Tabacco
+ 39 040 3758057 / +39 335 7781688

Francesca Lisjak

How to reach us: more info
Food service:
In the campus of Basovizza you can access in the cafeteria and in the canteen of Elior Ristorazione S.p.A.
Should you want to reserve the canteen, please contact or +39040/3755255.
Drinks or food consuming at Elettra is not granted.
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