High pressure diffraction beamline: Xpress

Welcome to Xpress!

 Xpress is a dedicated high pressure diffraction beamline currently under the advanced stages of commissioning. The beamline works at a fixed energy of 25 keV. An image plate MAR 345 is used to collect the diffraction pattern.

At present we can perform high pressure powder diffraction measurements at ambient temperature using diamond anvil cells. Typical pressure range is 0-50 GPa. 

Xpress will cover a number of interesting problems in condensed matter physics, material science, chemistry, geophysics etc.

The Xpress and XRD2 beamlines are developed in partnership with the Indian scientific community and administered through Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.

Ruby, gasket, DAC stage ..
high pressure XRD scheme
diffraction images ..
sample chamber (x-ray & optical)
Ruby, gasket, DAC stage ..


Research Fields

Condensed matter physics

  • Superconductivity
  • Strongly correlated electrons

Material science

  • New functional properties


  • Novel materials


  • Minerelogy

User Area

Proposal Submission

We invite users and collaborators to discuss their proposals well in advance to enable a careful assessment of the experiment feasibility.

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