Proposal form

Proposal submission form is composed by four parts:


General Information

You must provide general information about the proposal and the experiment :

Proposal categories are:

If your proposal is a continuation or resubmission, please remember to specify the code of the previous proposal.

The scientific discipline must be chosen from a list provided by the European Commission.

Be as precise as you can in the identification of the appropriate "Research Area", it  determines the Proposal Review Panel subcommittee that evaluates your proposal.

Click here to see how the first part looks like, in the VUO.

Sample Description

In this part you should give some details about your sample, and complete a safety form for every substance you intend to use, not only samples but also other substances used for transportation, stabilization, manipulation, etc.

The safety form is mandatory, if you don't complete at least one you will not be able to submit your proposal.
You will be given the possibility to update your safety forms 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date of your experiment, in case you need to change, delete or add new materials. An  e-mail from the VUO will let you know when editing is available.
A signed copy of your safety form(s) will be required only in case your proposal is scheduled, you don't need to send a sign copy for the evaluation step. All signed safety forms should arrive at Elettra before your experiment starts.

This is how this part of the form looks like:


Local contact and participants

By default, the user completing the proposal is considered the proposer. All official communications will arrive to the proposer only and changes in the proposal can be requested only by him. 
There are no restrictions to the number of participants. To add a participant, click on the link "Add participant". You will be presented a search field and you must search your collaborators among the registered VUO users.
It is also possible to add or delete participants in every moment before the starting date of your experiment, writing to the Users Office.

The Local contact is the beamline scientist you interacted with before you prepared your proposal and who will probably assist you during your experiment. The menu will show you the options for the beamline you requested.


Proposal Description

In this last part you should describe in detail the experimental plan. You must download and complete the proposal description template from the link in the VUO:

The template is a RTF document and it is divided by a line:

Once your file is completed it must be uploaded in the vuo. Press the "browse" button, choose the file and press "Upload".

You can upload the complete template in two formats:

If you have problems uploading your description file, write an e-mail to the users office attaching the RTF file.



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