FERMI (acronym for Free Electron laser Radiation for Multidisciplinary Investigations) is the new seeded free electron laser (FEL) facility under commissioning with external users next to the third-generation synchrotron radiation facility Elettra. Unique among the FEL sources currently operating in the ultraviolet and soft x-ray range worldwide, FERMI has been developed to provide fully coherent ultrashort (10-100 femtosecond) pulses with a peak brightness ten billion times higher than that made available by third-generation light sources. FERMI is opening unique opportunities for exploring the structure and transient states of condensed matter, soft matter and low-density matter using a variety of diffraction, scattering and spectroscopy techniques.

Free electron laser source

A linear accelerator is used to generate a relativistic electron beam that can be injected into each of two separate FEL lines, configured as single- and double-harmonic-cascade setups, respectively. An external laser is used to seed each of these lines.

Photon diagnostics and Beamlines

After the undulators the photon beam travels through a diagnostics section and the transport to reach the beamline endstations.


Machine status

Current status of the machine (electron and photon beam).

Photon beam parameters

Photon beam parameters of FERMI FEL-1 and FEL-2


People and areas of the FERMI@Elettra project.

Call for users

The Seventh Call for Proposal is open.


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