OASYS - OrAnge SYnchrotron Suite


OASYS (OrAnge SYnchrotron Suite) is an open-source Graphical Environment for optic simulation softwares used in synchrotron facilities, based on Orange 3

Oasys has moved to release 1.1! Oasys 1 beta and Oasys 1.0 users are warmly invited to upgrade their experience with Oasys 1.1 by installing this last release:
Note: Oasys 1 Beta and/or Oasys 1.0 cannot coexist in the same environment with Oasys1.1, then it is highly recommended to uninstall the beta release before/after installing the final one.

Note: MacOSX Sierra and High Sierra Users: please read carefully the instructions here.

General and Installation instructions are available here: https://github.com/srio/oasys-installation-scripts/wiki/
(Windows users only) Oracle VirtualBox can be dowloaded here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

The release already includes ShadowOui, the OASYS user interface for shadow3, the ray-tracing simulation software, and XOPPY, the python version of XOP.

Source code repositories are available at:
Shadow3 Tutorials for ShadowOui are available at: https://github.com/srio/ShadowOui-Tutorial

For further information, paper preprints and bug reports please contact the OASYS developers: Luca Rebuffi and/or Manuel Sanchez del Rio.

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