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Ultrafast photochemistry of organic photo-switches: The central role of the conical intersection

Stefan Haacke (University of Strasbourg – CNRS, Strasbourg Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials )
Thu 14 Sep, at 15:00 - Seminar Room T1

Recent studies of photo-isomerizing molecules, like the retinal protonated Schiff base, or derivatives thereof, in solution challenge the common picture according to which, the faster the photo-reaction, the larger its quantum efficiency: more isomerized species being formed [1]. We'll show two examples, photo-isomerization in the retinal protein ASR [2], and small molecular photoswitches [3] mimicking retinal where exactly the opposite behaviour is observed. These non-intuitive observations are due to the specific character of the conical intersection seam, a region of the electronic potential energy surfaces where ground and excited states are predicted to cross leading to a branching of the forward and backward reactive vibrational wavepackets [4]. While this region is spectroscopically inaccessible with VIS and near-IR laser pulses, non-linear spectroscopy with ultra-short soft X-ray pulses may enable new approaches.

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